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I am delighted that you are interested in ambertop and in amber – with or without inclusions.

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Amber, Amber, Amber
, on this page, you will find comprehensive and interesting information/tips on amber.

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Who is ambertop? I am an enthusiastic private collector collecting everything amber-related:
• Amber – inclusions (insects and other animals and plants in amber)
• Amber – Pieces from all around the world
• Varieties of amber (different colours)
• Pieces that show the formation of amber (drops, “icicles” etc.)
• Old amber jewellery
• Amber - literature
• Amber jewellery: my wife is an amateur craftswoman and crafts some beautiful pieces of jewellery, a few of which can be seen on my website on the pages JEWELLERY and PENDANTS!

First and foremost, I collect inclusions and have gathered quite a nice private collection.
Since my youth, I have been passionately interested in fossils and biology in general – a passion that I inherited from my father who took me to the gravel pits almost every weekend.

Thus, I inevitably ended up with a degree in biology and worked as a teacher of biology until retirement.
Amber inclusions were once considered veritable treasures and were traded at immensely high prices. For my first insect inclusion, a poorly preserved lake fly, I paid 70 Danish crowns – a considerable sum of money for me back then.

Thanks to the opening up of borders to the east, more and more amber made it to us, and I could with time build up a massive collection of amber inclusions.

Within the last couple of years, the prices of inclusions and raw amber have seen a steep rise. Hence, I now only buy selected valuable pieces, especially those of scientific value.

And, as any collector – be it of coins, stamps or amber – feels after a few decades:

One wants to specialize and find ever more rare, ever more beautiful and unique pieces – and this is expensive!

So, one tries to start selling or swapping old pieces which are duplicates or have lost the meaning they once had.

This is where I am at now: my interest lies in inclusions of scientific value.

You can also contact me with requests! Send me an email at!
Only a fraction of the inclusions I have for sale are listed on this website, so in case you are interested in something else, don’t hesitate to reach out...

The pictures on my website are uploaded in very low resolution so anyone can load the page without major delays. I have the pictures saved in high resolution, and they can be retrieved any time – even after several decades.